5 Reasons Why This Is Better Than A Heated Beard Brush

5 Reasons Why This Is Better Than A Heated Beard Brush

In this short article I will explain 5 reasons to use a Braw Beard brush instead of a heated beard brush.

Do you want to add more volume into your beard? A beard brush is one of the best tools to achieve this.

1. The handle material.

There are so many brushes which can be bought off the shelf that are made very cheap. Made from plastic, from a mould that will likely have ragged edges that will catch your facial hair. When a product is mass produced so cheaply, there is little care and attention to the final product. Ragged edges in the plastic from the mould go unnoticed and will potentially damage your beard by slicing the hair.

We prefer natural products, like wood. Bamboo being one of the favourites for a beard brush. Bamboo is our preferred material, it’s smooth, natural, it has very unique patterns. Each handle has been sanded down with a clean finish. The wood also absorbs a little amount of beard oil. This helps the beard brush glide through the beard and it takes on some of the scent from the oil, what’s not to like?

2. The bristles.

On the market, there are natural and synthetic options available, much like the handle options. But, the preferred bristles of choice on a beard brush are boar bristle. Again, we like to go with the natural option.

Boar bristles evenly distribute beard oil/beard balm while leave it feeling soft and adding volume for a fuller looking beard.

A key feature we gave our beard brush was contoured bristles to match the shape of your face when brushing. This adds comfort to the experience.

The bristles on the Braw Beard brush work as a very effective skin exfoliator too. Reducing dry skin and dandruff (beardruff) is a bonus that a heated beard brush cannot do. Using a beard oil or balm before brushing moisturises the skin making the exfoliation more effective.

Braw Beard Oils Scotland

3. Bristle stiffness.

Believe it or not, there are different grades of stiffness for the bristles which vary from soft to firm.

We spent a lot time to get the right feel and texture. If the beard brush was too soft, the bristles would just bend and flop over the hair making no impact whatsoever.

If it was too firm, the beard brush could damage the hair when brushing. Also the end of the bristles feel like needles when they reach the skin under the beard. This may damage the follicles and tear out hair, which is the last thing you want.

One thing to consider though, if you have a long beard, stiffer bristles, rather than soft, is the better option. We chose to go with a medium stiffness to cover all bases.

Braw Beard Oils Scotland

4. The handle shape.

Handle shape really is personal preference, there are many beard brush shapes available now. Some with no handle at all, similar to a boot polishing brush.

We chose to give ours a handle to offer control and ease of use while brushing.

5. The size.

It is key to have a brush that is able to fit in your pocket. Especially living in the UK, we are exposed to the elements and wind almost everyday.

Carrying a beard brush is just part of our routine now. If you are outside in the elements for a while, your beard will probably be a mess when you arrive at you destination. Luckily you have that pocket sized beard brush to fix your beard back into shape.

How To Use Your Beard Brush For Maximum Effect

1. After washing your beard in the shower/bath (we recommend Braw Beard Wash), gently towel-dry your beard.

2. Apply some of your favourite beard oil and beard butter to your facial hair.

3. Gently start to brush your facial hair from root to tip. Start gently so you don’t pull on any tangled hair. Brushing aggressively pull at the follicles causing damage and irritation.

4. Continue to brush until your beard is smooth and snag-free. It should be an enjoyable process.

Using a beard brush will exfoliate the skin underneath the beard, which will remove dead skin cells and clear blocked pores which could be potentially hampering hair growth.

The boar bristles can encourage hair growth by gently massaging the skin, which will increase blood flow to the hair follicles.

Do you have kinks in your beard? Using a beard brush as part of your daily routine will help to train and straighten your beard, making it appear longer.

In Conclusion…

At Braw Beard we recommend choosing wisely when it comes to a beard brush. As mentioned, there are many options to choose from.

We spent a long time getting one that we felt confident about. It had to be natural, a comfortable shape, the perfect bristle firmness and size that would be easy to carry around.

We are proud to have achieved that and use one in our daily routine.

The features of this brush make it the preferred option over a heated beard brush.

If you would like to try it for yourself, CLICK HERE to get yours

Braw Beard Oils Scotland

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