Discover GETTAE Midge Repellent Braw Beard Oil

Discover GETTAE Midge Repellent Braw Beard Oil

READ TIME: 2 MINUTES.  As a bearded man who enjoys the great outdoors—whether it's hillwalking, mountain biking, or relaxing by a campfire with friends, I've always been hit with one persistent challenge: midges. These tiny, biting insects can turn a perfect outdoor adventure into a nightmare, especially during the warm summer evenings. But, after creating GETTAE Midge Repellent Beard oil, my outdoor life has transformed, and here's why this product is a game-changer for anyone who loves the outdoors.

What are Midges and Why Do They Bite?

Midges are small flying insects, particularly prevalent in Scotland, known for their biting habits. They are most active during dawn and dusk in the warmer months, especially when the wind is still, and the environment is humid.

Midges are attracted to the carbon dioxide in our breath. As a result, they bite to feed on blood, which is necessary for their breeding process. Anyone outdoors is a potential target. The bites can be itchy and uncomfortable, a definite annoyance for anyone trying to enjoy their time outside.

Why Use GETTAE Midge Repellent Beard oil?

The secret to GETTAE Braw Beard oil’s effectiveness lies in its unique potent blend of lavender, eucalyptus, and citronella. Here's how each of the natural ingredients works as a midge repellent:

  • Lavender: Known for its calming and soothing properties, lavender oil also acts as a natural insect repellent. Its floral aroma is surprisingly offensive to many insects, including midges. Yet, it's gentle on the skin and soothes any bites the midges may have sneaked in before applying GETTAE.
  • Eucalyptus: This powerful essential oil is great for repelling insects. It contains compounds that are highly unappealing to midges, making it an excellent deterrent.
  • Citronella: Perhaps the most well-known natural insect repellent, citronella’s sharp, lemony scent disrupts their senses therefore making it difficult for them to locate targets.

Crafted with the outdoor-loving beardsman in mind, GETTAE Braw Beard Oil is more than just a beard conditioner—it's your frontline defence against midges.

Here's what makes GETTAE Braw Beard Oil a must-have for your outdoor adventures:

  • Potent Natural Repellents: This beard oil combines citronella, eucalyptus, and lavender to keep midges away while providing a refreshing and calming aroma.
  • 100% Natural and Non-Greasy: This product is formulated to ensure your beard and skin stay nourished and moisturised, however without leaving a greasy residue.
  • Supports Beard Growth: Infused with hempseed oil, renowned for its properties that enhance beard growth, ensuring your beard not only looks good but feels healthy and strong.
  • Long-Lasting: Each 50ml bottle offers 4-6 months of use, depending on your beard length, making it a cost-effective addition to your beard care routine.
  • Handcrafted in Scotland: True to Braw Beard’s commitment to quality, each batch of GETTAE Beard Oil is carefully prepared in small quantities using the highest therapeutic-grade oil blend.

How to Use GETTAE Midge Repellent Beard Oil

Simply apply a small amount of oil to your palms and work it through your dry beard to keep your beard looking great and feeling soft and, most importantly, helps keep the midges at bay. It’s an essential step for any bearded adventurer looking to enjoy the outdoors without the hassle of midges.

GETTAE Braw Beard oil is 100% natural and extremely effective on skin, too; in fact, it is a great skin moisturising oil.

It allows you to tell those annoying midges to ‘get tae!’ in true Scottish style while keeping your beard in top condition. Embrace your outdoor adventures with confidence and comfort, knowing your beard looks its best and is protected from pests.

Be prepared for your adventures and grab yourself a bottle now HERE

Grow and enjoy.

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