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Patchy Beard? Here's How To Work Around Them.

Do you have patches in your beard? The majority of people do, don't let it stress you out while growing. There are some things your can do to work around them.

As you may already know, beard growth is influenced by your genetics.

Working with the growth you have.

When you start growing your beard from clean shaven, you will almost always see a few small bald patches within your beard area. Don't worry, that is quite common. I have yet to meet the person with the 'perfect' beard.

I have met many men who get to a few weeks of growth, notice some patches and make the conclusion there and then that they will have a 'weak' beard. However, as I always recommend, let your facial hair grow for at least 3 months before deciding, you will have a better idea of growth then. The length of hair should be around 2-3 cm by then and will start to cover any patches. The length of hair may fill in any patches, you can comb it to suit. I have bald patches on my chin from bouncing my chin off pavements several times as a kid skateboarding, you wouldn’t know it now though. Just let it grow.

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Healthy lifestyle, healthy beard.

Now that you have got over that hurdle, it’s time to start caring for your new beard. You’ll want to take care of the facial hair and skin below, if you don’t, dirt and grease may clog the follicles, preventing hair growth, leading to patchy facial hair, which is exactly the opposite of what you are trying to achieve.

A good natural beard oil will help to start off with, a selection can be found here.

Natural beard oil will keep the beard soft, healthy looking and manageable whilst addressing itchiness, irritation and dry skin. This will set up a nice environment for growing some facial hair and give your follicles the best chance reach their potential. A good beard brush is recommended (found here) for making the beard appear fuller whilst also exfoliating the skin below, again giving the follicles the best opportunity to produce.

Braw Beard Oils Scotland patchy beard growth

Tips for overcoming patches in beard.

Drink plenty of water each day, this will keep the body hydrated and capable of producing the best results.
Eat a healthy balanced diet, again this will provide the best possible results by providing your body with the nutrients it needs.
Avoid smoking, smoking has been related to hair loss, contributing to patchy facial hair.
Use a skin moisturiser (found here), hydrated skin will produce better results than dry skin.
If you have more growth on one side than the other, visit a good barber who specialise in beards to balance it up for you.

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