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Patchy Beard Growth? Here's How To Get A Fuller Beard

Do you have patchy beard growth? Are there areas on your cheeks/jawline that doesn't grow?

Don't stress, there are ways to work with what you have. The density in which a beard grows is due to genetics, but let me share some tips to help fill those gaps.

Working with patchy beard growth.

If you are growing your beard for the first time, you will probably notice uneven beard growth and some patches appearing. The majority of beard growers will notice this, it's natural. I have still yet to meet someone who is 100% happy with their beard.

Some people I have spoken to about this considered shaving their beard off because of patches.
In the early stages of growing, patches appear and can look unappealing so rather than keep growing, people shave. Some never try growing a beard again because they 'know' there will be weak patches.

They key is to get past the early stages, I always recommend growing for at least 3 months before making a decision. Facial hair grows at a rate of roughly 1.25cm per month so after 3 months, you will have close to 4cm of length. At this length, you can get a better gauge of the situation. The hair may long enough to comb over and hide jaw/chin patches. I have several bald patches and scars on my chin from falling off bikes and skateboards as a kid, you wouldn't know it though. I know my beard is ridiculously long now but you understand what I am getting at. Just let it grow.

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Looking after your beard

For those new to beard care who may be sceptical, here is a great review from one of our customers
"If you have any kind of facial fuzz get some of this stuff in it. I was sceptical when it was first recommended to me - real men surely didn’t use beard oil? Ooft I was wrong! Keep your beard in good condition and smelling ace, the missus has stopped complaining about the beard now too! Tried some others but came back to Braw. Great products from an awesome company." - Alasdair S.

He too was sceptical, but tried it on recommendation and now has a great beard care routine as well as a great beard.

Dry and dirty skin can also be a reason why beard hair won't grow properly in certain places. If the pores are block with dirt and grime the hair may be growing inwards or sideways, resulting in ingrown hairs. This leads to irritation and pain.

To ensure the skin is moisturised, use Braw Beard oil everyday. To read more about how to use Braw Beard oil, CHECK OUT THIS ARTICLE.
Use a brush too, the bristles will exfoliate the skin underneath the hairs to help remove the grime and dead skin, keeping the pores clear. CHECK OUT THIS ARTICLE for more information on the beard brush.

Braw Beard Oils Scotland patchy beard growth

Tips for overcoming patchy beard growth.

Drink plenty of water each day, this will keep the body hydrated and capable of producing the best results.
Eat a healthy balanced diet, again this will provide the best possible results by providing your body with the nutrients it needs.
Avoid smoking, smoking has been related to hair loss, contributing to patchy facial hair.
Use a natural beard oil to moisturise (found here), hydrated skin will produce better results than dry skin.
If you have more growth on one side than the other, visit a good barber who specialise in beards to balance it up for you.

I hope this helps offer some advice.
Thank you for reading.
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