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That's a big beard! How do you look after that?

Big beards look impressive, they certainly stand out in a crowd. To keep it looking great requires a strong beard care routine too.

How long does it take to grow a big beard?

On average, facial hair grows at around 1.25cm each month, so if you're looking to achieve a long beard, be prepared to be patient.

The 3 stages of growth

Anagen This is the growth phase, it can grow for 2 – 6 years (or more in some cases). How fast your hair grows is down to genetics, if you naturally grow hair fast, you’re looking good for a great beard in a shorter amount of time. If your hair grows slowly, that’s ok too, just be patient, it will come in time. Good things come to those who wait n all that. Catagen This is the phase when the hair has stopped growing but stays embedded in your follicles, just kinda sitting there showing off. Telogen This is the phase where a new hair is born and replaces the old hair, pushing the follicle out. Then the anagen phase starts all over with the new hair. The hairs go through the cycles at different rates, this is why you will often find beard hair on your desk on in your comb/brush, they have went into the telogen phase and are being replaced, don’t worry, it’s natural.

How to look after a big beard

We asked some big hitters for the daily routine they use to look after their facial hair.

Davie Wallace

Braw Beard Oils Scotland "My routine starts off with washing my facial hair in the shower with BrawBeard wash. I then gently towel dry my Beard (patting, not rubbing which may cause damage). Next, I give my Beard a very gentle comb through using my Braw Beard Comb. (I feel this helps it dry quicker). Once totally dry, I apply some BrawBeard Oil and massage through my facial hair working down to the roots. Then, I use my BrawBeard Comb to ensure my Beard is fully combed and tangle free. After that, I apply BrawBeard Butter to my facial hair, this tames the hairs and gives it shape and hold. I then brush through with my BrawBeard Brush. Finally, I apply Braw Tash Wax to my Moustache and comb to my desired style." Davie Wallace

Lindsay Houston

Braw Beard Oils Scotland big beard beard balm or beard oil “First off, I use Braw Beard wash (usually about 3/4 squeezes) making sure I get a good lather working it deep in to my beard, leaving it in for around 30 secs & then rinse out thoroughly. I blow dry after showering because I have to make sure my facial hair is completely dry as my face gets itchy if I donʼt, then I use my Braw comb to get all the knots out before applying Lover and combing through again. Next, I add a good amount of Thrilla and Vanilla beard butter and use my Braw boar-bristle brush to get an even spread, then use my hands to shape my beard how it like it.. Job done” - Lindsay Houston


Braw beard Scotland "In the shower in the morning, I use BrawBeard Wash to clean my facial hair. Once I'm out, I gently towel dry the beard to ensure I don't damage it my using the towel too much. Then I apply BrawBeard oil (Anniversary19 at the moment) to moisturise the hair and skin beneath. I use the comb to detangle the hair and straighten it out. Combing after using oil is good because the oil helps the comb glide through without snagging. Next, I use BrawBeard butter (Thrilla in Vanilla just now) to hold stray hairs in place. The waxy element of the butter offers a slight hold too. Lastly, I use the brush to brush from root to tip. The bristles separate the hairs and the butter helps to add volume" JJ I hope this article helps give you ideas and advice on how to look after your big beard. Thanks for reading. Braw Beard Join the #Brawtherhood P.S. Use code – brawblog – at for 10% off Follow Braw Beard: Instagram – Facebook – Twitter – Subscribe to the Braw Beard Youtube channel for more videos. Scottish beard care. Born in Scotland, enjoyed Worldwide.
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