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What Is the Best Beard Oil? A Comprehensive Guide

READ TIME: 3 MINUTES. Hey! You've probably noticed more people are rocking facial hair; trust me, they're doing more behind the scenes than just letting it grow wild. What's the one product that is making a difference? Beard oil. Grab a coffee, and let me take you on a bearded journey.


First, Let’s Talk Beard Oil Basics.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let's break down what this magical potion is. Beard oil is like that conditioner you use for the hair on your head but soothing for your face. It moisturises the beard and that often-forgotten skin underneath. It’s loaded with carrier oils (like the ever-popular jojoba or argan), essential oils for that fresh scent, and other cool stuff that does wonders.

Getting that beard game strong isn’t as easy as it looks on Instagram. It’s not just "grow and go". That mane needs love and care, and that’s where our trusty beard oil steps in.



Why Bother With Beard Oil?

Think of beard oil as a secret weapon. It dives deep, moisturising from root to tip. So, instead of looking like you've been electrocuted, you're more "I woke up like this" – in the best way. Plus, that skin under your beard? It gets thirsty. Beard oil moisturises it, so say goodbye to that itch that makes you look like you haven't washed in days.

But wait, there’s more! Beyond making you look suave, beard oil has health benefits. It prevents that dreaded beard dandruff, fights against the annoying itch, and even keeps those ingrown hairs at bay. Healthy skin under your beard means a happy beard on top.


What’s In This Liquid Gold?

Here’s where it gets pretty science-y, but stick with me. Beard oil is a mix of:

- Carrier Oils: The unsung heroes. They do the heavy lifting, like moisturising. The ones we use are hempseed, jojoba and argan oil.
- Essential Oils: They’re the fragrant headliners. From cedarwood to lavender, they make you smell good and offer extra perks, like soothing irritated skin.
- Other Goodies: Braw Beard oils use extra vitamin E which is great for skin.


On The Hunt For The Perfect Oil.

Okay, the market’s flooded with options. It's like walking down the cereal aisle – overwhelming! Here’s what you should keep in mind:

- Your Skin: We’re all different. If you've got sensitive skin, go for something mild and natural (like Braw Beard oils).
- Your Beard: Got a Gandalf-length beard? You might need a different amount of oil than someone with a 5 o'clock shadow (we sell 50ml and 10ml bottles for this reason).
- Scent: This one’s personal. Do you want to smell like a forest? Or more citrusy? Maybe something earthy? We have all those bases covered.


Some Quick Tips on Applying Beard Oil.

Let’s get practical. Here’s how to avoid common beginner mistakes:

1. Always start clean. Wash that beard.
2. You don't need a ton of oil. A few drops usually do the trick.
3. Rub it between your palms and massage it into the beard and skin. Don’t forget the skin!
4. Comb and/or brush it through your beard. This ensures even spread and helps with styling.
5. Be patient and enjoy the process.

In conclusion, my bearded friend, beard oil is more than a trend. It's the secret sauce to a glorious, healthy beard. Whether you're going for a rugged logger or a sophisticated gentleman look, a little beard oil goes a long way. Give it a shot, and thank me later! Cheers!

Thanks for reading. I appreciate your time and support.
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