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What's your daily beard routine?

Recently I have received a lot of emails and messages asking what my daily beard routine is. It prompted me to write this short blog post explaining my current routine. The only beard care products I have ever used since 2012 are Braw Beard products. From testing to production. daily beard routine Personally I only use beard care products in the morning. They last all day so I don't feel like I need to use any in the evening.

My daily beard routine

In the morning When I first wake up, I have a glass of water. This rehydrates my body after sleeping for 6 - 8hrs. Dehydration can stall hair growth and lead to dry skin so hydration first thing is key.

Daily beard routine steps - Cleaning

Braw Beard oils Scotland Then, when I am in the shower, I clean my beard with Braw Beard Wash. We chose to add aloe vera to the Braw Beard Wash, it has been known to repair dry skin, in turn reducing dandruff. It can promote hair growth while leaving it smooth and shiny. Braw Beard Wash is unscented, the reason we made it fragrance-free is simple. We like to give you the choice of your favourite Braw Beard oil/butter fragrance. The Braw Beard Wash sets your beard up perfectly as a nice fresh base to apply your chosen Braw Beard oil without interfering with the scent. One day you may fancy Grand Eckson 1918, the next you may want some Jarls Northman in there, we wouldn’t want you to have to buy 2 different shampoos to suit. Once I am out of the shower, I gently towel dry my beard. When drying your beard with a towel, don't rub too aggressively, this can damage the hair and follicles.


Next, I apply some Braw Beard oil. At the moment I am using Anniversary19 (scented with lemongrass and cornmint). Braw Beard oil is an all natural facial hair conditioner. Our beard oils are 100% natural and their ingredients are chosen for their beneficial properties. This product is designed to moisturise the hair and skin underneath to soothe irritation and reduce dandruff (beardruff as it’s known in the industry). Beard oil is used to make your facial hair feel softer, smoother, more manageable and more attractive looking. Braw Beard oils also smell great!! If you have never used Braw Beard oil before, you will notice a huge benefit after just one application.


Wooden Pocket Comb Then I use the Braw Beard comb to detangle any snags/knots left in the hair from sleeping and washing. The Braw Beard comb is a great tool for detangling long beard hair. It is made from sandalwood and we designed it with some key features that many other beard combs lack. First, the teeth spacing is a key feature. Beards are more coarse than head hair, so if the teeth on your beard brush are too close together, they will snag and damage the beard hair. If the teeth are far too wide apart, they’ll miss the majority of hairs and not comb as in tended. After trial and error, we settled on spacing that performed best for us. Next, rounded teeth. Many cheaper combs have square edges on their beard comb teeth. Sharp edges can slice and damage beard hair as the comb glides through, we rounded ours to prevent that. Lastly, the Braw Beard comb is pocket sized. Because you take your beard everywhere you go, you should be able to easily carry your comb too. If your long beard gets caught in the wind, rain or is just feeling a bit straggly, a pocket sized beard comb is the tool you need. The Braw Beard comb comes in a handy wee protective pouch too.

Maintaining shape

Braw Beard Oils Scotland daily beard routine Once my beard is combed, I apply Braw Beard butter to provide hold throughout the day. Beard butter is a styling product, it's used to give your facial hair a slight hold, keeping hairs pointing in the right direction. In the heat of your hands, the product melts to a liquid, which is easily distributed throughout your beard by massaging it in, in the same way you would with beard oil. Rubbing it down to the roots and skin will help keep dry skin, dandruff and irritation at bay too. Once the butter cools down on your beard, it will provide enough hold to tame the stray hairs but still feel soft to the touch. It took us a while to get this ratio right with Braw Beard Butter (our version of balm) but we’ve got it nailed now.


Braw Beard Brush vs comb Then, I use the Braw Beard brush to evenly distribute the products through my beard for maximum effect and volume. The medium strength bristles work very well. They do a great job of separating hairs as intended, as well as gently exfoliating the skin beneath your beard to eliminate dandruff/dead skin. That is my daily beard routine that I use in the morning which lasts all day. I hope this article has helped provide useful information. Thank you for reading. JJ Join the #Brawtherhood P.S. Use code – brawblog – at www.brawbeard.com for 10% off Follow Braw Beard: Instagram – http://instagram.com/@brawbeardoils Facebook – http://facebook.com/brawbeardoils/ Twitter – http://twitter.com/@brawbeardoil Subscribe to the Braw Beard Youtube channel for more videos. https://www.youtube.com/brawbeard Scottish beard care. Born in Scotland, enjoyed Worldwide.
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