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Important. Will Beard Oil Make You Grow A Beard?


One question that comes up often is, will beard oil help to grow a beard? The quick answer is yes, however the key word here is help.

Braw Beard oil is an all natural facial hair conditioner. Our beard oils are 100% natural and their ingredients are chosen for their beneficial properties. This product is designed to moisturise the hair and skin underneath to soothe irritation and of course reduce dandruff (beardruff as it’s known in the industry). If you have never used Braw Beard oil before, you will notice a huge benefit after just one application.

Beard oil is not some magic instant growth product, growing a beard takes time and a lot of it. On average, facial hair grows at around 1.25cm per month, growing a long beard is a serious time investment. Let me explain how beard oil helps to grow a beard.



Will Beard Oil Help To Grow A Beard?

As Braw Beard oil's natural ingredients moisturise the skin beneath your beard, this keeps dry skin and irritation at bay. Keeping the skin soft and supple can give the hair the best opportunity to grow.

Dirt and grime can block pores, preventing the hair from growing outward. Instead, it will grow inwards resulting in an ingrown hair which can be really painful. Read more about ingrown beard hairs HERE

Using a Braw Beard Brush will help exfoliate the skin beneath, clearing the dirt and dry skin away which will allow the hair to grow as intended. Using a high quality beard oil will help you to grow a beard by making it more manageable.


Braw Beard oil's ingredients

The natural ingredients are chosen for their beneficial properties as outlined below:

Hempseed oil – contains omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids which may stimulate hair growth. The oil promotes blood circulation on the scalp too, it’s easily absorbed by the hair which can help strengthen the hair, reducing breakages.

Jojoba oil – it’s an oil extracted from the seeds of the jojoba plant. It is rich in vitamins and minerals too. This oil is great as a moisturiser which is good for the scalp to reduce dandruff, itchiness and irritation.

Vitamin E – the antioxidants in vitamin E oil have been known to repair damaged hair follicles and hair shafts. It is a deep moisturiser for your hair and skin which therefore reduces dry skin and irritation. Vitamin E oil may protect your hair from the elements too.

Argan oil (not in Grafter, Lover or Wulver) – is produced from the kernel in the argan tree. Known as liquid gold, argan oil helps repair damaged hair and split ends. It is a great leave-in conditioner (which our beard oil is anyway) which can help reduce irritation, inflammation, sores and itchiness in the skin below under your facial hair.

In addition, the fragrances are made from essential oils which are extracted from plants too. More details on these can be found HERE.


The 3 stages of beard growth

Hair goes through 3 cycles which sees the hair grow, stay present then shed, ready for regrowth. If you feel like your beard has stopped growing, take a selfie at the end of each month to check the progress. Inspecting it daily will not show signs of growth due to the slow rate at which facial hair grows.


This is the growth phase, it can grow for 2 – 6 years (or more in some cases). How fast your hair grows is down to genetics, if you naturally grow hair fast, you’re looking good for a great beard in a shorter amount of time. If your hair grows slowly, that’s ok too, just be patient, it will come in time. Good things come to those who wait n all that.


This is the phase when the hair has stopped growing but stays embedded in your follicles, just kinda sitting there showing off.


This is the phase where a new hair is born and replaces the old hair, pushing the follicle out. Then the anagen phase starts all over with the new hair.

The hairs go through the cycles at different rates, this is why you will often find beard hair on your desk on in your comb/brush, they have went into the telogen phase and are being replaced, don’t worry, it’s natural. However, poor diet, stress and a number of other things can cause hair to fall out. If you have any concerns outwith normal shedding, consult your doctor.



Genetics play a part too, some people just have naturally thin beards and they rock it beautifully. If you have been growing for several months and are still not happy with your facial hair, consider a visit to a good beard barber. They will be able to offer shaping and styling advice when they see your beard.

There are countless adverts out there for beard growth products, there is no such thing as a magic pill for hair growth, but natural beard care products and a good grooming routine can provide the best opportunity for growth over time.

I hope this article has helped explain how beard oil will help grow a beard.
Thank you for reading.
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